La Térmica

La Térmica
  Acoustic, Blues, Cantautor, Funk, Fusion, Indie, Jam Session, Rap, Reggae
La Térmica is a cultural center for creation and contemporary production, located in the city of Málaga and managed by the Málaga Council.
Opening hours:
08:00h - 22:00h Monday - Saturday
10:00h - 20:00h Sunday
Webpage of La Térmica
Contact us:
952 06 91 15
Address: Avenida de los Guindos, 48, 29004, Málaga.
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La Térmica, is a new cultural space in Málaga. This venue, is a center for creation and contemporary production, based in a modern plan, open and diverse that find through the culture and personal initiative, develop a new look about the reality.

La Térmica is a place for creation, learning and entertaiment that have a different spaces where you can choose several activities like art, live music, shows and conferences.


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