Connection between music and the audience, live music´s challenge

Connection between music and the audience, live music´s challenge
Many of us are used to going to gigs, but we normally don´t realise how complex an event of this nature is. This complexity, thanks to the actual circumstances, is growing for many reasons: taxes, the limited offer of venues were to play, the changing legislation, the scarcity of live music licenses, or a demand for musicians to bring the audience as well as playing. It is not new to say that the cultural sector is under a very difficult situation, and we believe that music in special is being treated more and more as a "minor art", if we take into account the political actions taken in the last years.
"Are you a musician? So, what do you do for a living?"
Not only musicians make music possible. As well as them, many people are involved in the process: from venues to promoters, engineers, retail music shops, managetrs, etc. In this "every man for himself" situation, musicians have no other option than going for the DIY (Do It Yourself): automanagement and autopromotion. This plays against creativity, rehearsal time and, of course, forcing the disappearance of many professional roles. Now the musician has to write songs, rehearse, play live, pay for the equipment, carry and load the equipment, communicate, promote his music, sell it, the booking in venues, etc... To be able to manage and coordinate all this is very remarkable, and most times, as an audience it is something we don´t value it as it should be valued.
Venues, the places were magic happens
The situation for the live music venues is not easier.  Drowned by taxes and stepping against so many barriers that increase every day, they still have to manage to retain their customer´s loyalty. A good music program is key, but not an easy task bearing in mind the short economic margins and the uncertanity about how many people will come to the next gig. For them, every weekend becomes a risky bet.
And, ¿ what about the audience?
All we talked about previously is what people can´t see. We can´t see is as live gigs regulars. But, with less money in our pockets, higher taxes for cultural events and for drinks, we tend to comsume less, cutting all we can on our leisure budgets, and even considering music as a luxury. The point is not that we don´t want to listen and discover live music, the point is we can´t afford it many times.
¿What does GIGGER thing about this?
We want to give value to everything we just exposed. We want to show what the venues are actually doing, the musicians and every actor involved in the process. We really love music, we believe there aren´t many things in the world as good as live music and that is why we will do everything tha´s in our hands to make a connection between the audience and the music, and musicans with music venues. A difficult task, but not impossible. ¿What do you think?
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